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Hey kids! This page is for you!

Do you find it easier to listen to someone read a book to you than to read it yourself?

Are the things you get to read in class kinda boring?

Are there books you'd like to read but can't because they are full of weird-looking words and you don't know how to say them yet?

Do you want to be able write things down without having to think about spelling?

Do people get on your case about "there/their/they're"? Or "break/brake," or "its/it's"?

Well, for all these things, there is UNSPELL.

In English, just about every letter can sound every-which way. Take the letter 'S' in these words: sock, raise, sure, Asia. Shouldn't it be something like Sock, raiZe, SHure and AZHia? But it's not. Silly, isn't it?

Unspell takes care of all that. It's simple: instead of using letters (which can sound every-which way) it uses sounds.

What you see is what you hear


what you hear is what you see.

Here's how you learn it. Below, click on each thing in a circle and remember what it looks like and what sound it makes. Once you learn them all, you will be able to read anything! Try reading this:

bnspEl HS prHth ISh tU lDn PekOS Ol LU RVF tU TU HS remEmPD RW Ij sWnT lQks rHten TWn.

Once you have learned to read Unspell, there are unspelled books for you to read. Books like---

---fun-filled fantasy and adventure books that even adults still find interesting.

And because they are unspelled, you don't have to go to school to learn to read them.