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The Unspell Primer --- Y bnspEl prXmd

The Latin alphabet has some problems:

1. It is already being used to write English, and using it to write English in a different way would cause confusion.

2. There is something built into our brains called object constancy. It allows us to recognize objects regardless of their orientation. No matter how you spin it around, a watch is a watch is a watch.

But the Latin alphabet violates object constancy, especially with the lower-case forms, which were invented by medieval monks to save on parchment. (That's still important, right? No, it isn't!)

This turns out to be a big problem for dyslexics.

Unspell uses a set of symbols that are distinct from the Latin alphabet. Although it takes some extra effort to learn it, it has many advantages, such as:

• Unspell can't be confused with spelled English

• It doesn't trigger dyslexia

• It can be written quickly but legibly

• It can be keyed in using just 13 buttons and predictive software

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